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Borchard Lineage

From the present to the past, across 11 generations

Annapolis, South Dakota, Kansas and Worcester, Maryland

Julie approached me with this question - did her Kansas relative who fought in the US Civil War fight on the Union or Confederate side? She had done some research into her ancestry and was curious about her 2nd GreatGrandfather, Thomas Foster Downing, in her maternal line.

And so the investigation into this great story began...


My research into her maternal lineage determined that her 2nd GGrandfather, Thomas Foster Downing (1846-1934), joined the Union Army on 21 April 1865.


This information led Julie to ask a second research question. Did a relative in this lineage fight in the American Revolution?


I dove in again, and my research concluded that Julie's 6th GGrandfather was Nehemiah Timmons (1738-1793). Nehemiah was a soldier in Captain John Davis’ Wicomico Battalion in the American Revolution. He is recognized as a Patriot in the records of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The great story that is a branch of Julie's maternal lineage is in the image below.

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