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Curtis Lineage

From the present to the past, across 9 generations

Delaware, California, Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina

Sharon Curtis Kirtley is my mother. Much research has been done on my paternal line; the descendants of Francis Kirtley. But my maternal line has had limited research.


And so I began with the simple question; who was the first Curtis to come to America? 

The great story that is a branch of this lineage is in the timeline below.


Generation 9:

Sharon Lynne Curtis was born in 1939 in Alhambra, California.

Her parents were Margaret Lillian Gregory (1916-1998) and Robert Curtis (1914-1945)

She married Donald Ray Kirtley in 1960

in Washington, D.C. Donald was born in Cleburne, Texas in 1938.

Donald served in the Vietnam War.


They have lived the majority of their married life in Wilmington, Delaware, where they raised their 3 children.

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The News Journal, 
Wilmington, Delaware, 1966

Sharon Lynne Curtis
(1939 - )

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Robert Allen Curtis (1914 - 1945)

Generation 8: Sharon's parents

Robert Allen Curtis was born on 20 Dec 1914, in Adams County, Nebraska. 

His parents were Alma Buss Kollman (1888-1966)  and Loren Allen Curtis (1887-1980) 

He married Margaret Lillian Gregory in 1937 in Alhambra, California. Margaret was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1916.

Robert was drafted for WWII in 1940.


Robert died in 1945 in Alhambra, California. Margaret remarried in 19?? to Bernard Roy Smith. She died in 1998 in Wilmington, Delaware. 

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In 1940, as military action escalated around the globe, President Franklin Roosevelt authorized the first peace-time draft in U.S. history. All males 21-36 were required to register on 16 October 1940, to serve in what would ultimately be WWII.

Loran Allen Curtis (1887-1980)

Generation 7: Sharon's Grandparents

Loran Allen Curtis was born 23 Nov 1887 Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska.

His parents were William Henry Curtis (1863-1935) and Etta Idona Mae Williams (1869-1975)

He married Alma Buss Kollman on 11 Sep 1907 in Hastings, Nebraska. Alma was born 25 Aug 1888, in Clayton, Adams County, Illinois.

Loran was drafted for WWI on 5 June 1917; and then drafted for WWII on 26 April 1942.


Loran died on 21 Jun 1980 Victorville, San Bernardino County, California. Alma died on 24 Apr 1966, Los Angeles County, California.

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1940-1945 saw 6 registrations of men ages 21-36, with the exception of the 4th registration. Called the "Old Man's draft' because it registered men ages 45-64 years old on 27 April 1942.

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WWI draft card; 5 June 1942

William Henry Curtis (1863-1935)

Generation 6: Sharon's GreatGrandparents

William Henry Curtis was born on 28 October 1863, in St Joseph County, Indiana

His parents were Ordelia Ruple (1845-1894) and Alfred Curtis (1839-1890)

He married Etta Idona Mae Williams (1869-1975) on 5 June 1887 in Hastings, Nebraska.


William died on 23 June 1935, Hastings, Nebraska. Etta died on 12 March 1975 in Riverside, California.  

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William and Etta's marriage license

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1900 US Federal Census

Alfred Loran Curtis (1839-1890)

Generation 5: Sharon's 2nd GGrandparents


Alfred Loran Curtis was born on 1 Apr 1839 St Joseph County, Indiana

His parents were Nancy Bykitt (1811-1890) and James Curtis III (1807-1878)

He married Ordelia Ruple on 27 May 1863, in Elkhart, Indiana. Ordelia was born

on 21 Feb 1845, Elkhart County, Indiana

Alfred was a Lieutenant in the 48th Indiana Infantry on the Union side of the US Civil War


Alfred died on 31 May 1890 in Hastings, Nebraska. Ordelia died a few years later on 16 Dec 1894 in Hastings, Nebraska

17 November 1864

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James Curtis III (1807-1878)

Generation 6: Sharon's 3rd GGrandparents

James Curtis III was 17 Jan 1807 Randolph Township, Montgomery County, Ohio

His parents were Elizabeth Byrkett (1791-1875) and James Curtis II (1786-1866)

He married Nancy Bykitt on 11 Sep 1829,

in Miami, Ohio. Nancy was born 16 Apr 1811, Miami County, Ohio

James served on the Union side in the US Civil War.


James died 1878 in Indiana. Nancy died in 1890, also in Indiana.

Noffsinger Cemetery, Elkhart County, Indiana

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Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 8.00.11 PM.png

James Curtis II (1786-1866)

Generation 7: Sharon's 4th GGrandparents

James Curtis II was born on 4 May 1786 Randolph, North Carolina

His parents were Nancy Mast (1756-1807) and James Curtis I (1750-1795)

He married Elizabeth Byrkett on 8 Dec 1811, in Miami, Ohio. Elizabeth was born 06 Jun 1791 Ashe, North Carolina.

James served in the War of 1812.


James died in 1866 in Ohio. Elizabeth died in 1875, also in Ohio.

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War of 1812

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 9.09.50 PM.png

1790 US Federal Census was the first federal census.

This is a clip of  that census from  North Carolina . Dated 2 Aug 1790 it shows James and two of his brothers, John and Caleb.

Generation 8: Sharon's 5th GGrandparents

James Curtis was born in 1750 in Randolph, North Carolina

His father was Samuel Curtis (1719-1777); his mother's name is not known.

He married Nancy Mast about 1750. Nancy was born in North Carolina in 1756. 


James died 1795 in North Carolina. Nancy died in 1807 in Ohio. 

James Curtis (1807-1878)

Samuel Curtis (abt 1720 - abt 1775)

Generation 9: Sharon's 6th GGrandparents

Samuel Curtis was born about 1720. The location of his birth is uncertain.

The ancestral family is the Curtises of Derbyshire, England, Quakers who came to Burlington County, New Jersey in 1680.

There is no record of Samuel's wife's name.  It is believed that he had many children, though only James and John are documented.

His name appears on the Rowan County, North Carolina tax lists of 1758-1768. 


Samuel died about 1775. 

John Mast (abt 1740-1800)

Generation 9: Sharon's 6th GGrandparents

John Mast was born about 1740 in Europe. His family fled Switzerland due to their religious beliefs.

He immigrated on 3 November 1750 to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; from Rotterdam, on the ship "Brotherhood", with his brother Jacob Mast and four sisters, in the care of their uncle Johannes Mast.

John Mast made his way south into central North Carolina where he married Barbara (Harmon). Barbara's brother, Cutliff Harmon, was employed by Daniel Boone and a Col. Robinson to help transport goods. Cutliff’s wife Suzan and Daniel Boone’s wife Sarah were first cousins.


John rendered material aid to the Revolutionary war effort. 

His brother, Jacob Mast, is a founder of the Amish Mennonite church and is buried in Bucks County,  Pennsylvania.


He died in 1800 in Randolph, North Carolina

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 8.35.34 PM.png

Receipt for payment for corn sold to the Continental Army, 1782

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